About Us

Tomjai Enterprise Corp. Specialize in Skin Care and Beauty Products.

Created in year 1994 we began Importing unique cosmetic products from Paris-France, Rome-Italy, Geneva-Switerland and West Africa.

Since then, we quickly became one of the largest Importers of "Unique Skin Care" products from around the world, and continue to do so until today.

In the year 2004 we met with one of the finest Chemist and Dermatologist in Paris, who helped us to create one of the best high quality skin toning (lighting) products known as Xtreme Brite, Perfecting Britener and Clear Quick.

Today thousands of satisfied customers continue to use our products with great results. We believe in our products, we stand behind our products because they work!

We believe if you have a great quality product and people know about it, everything else takes care of itself!

Thank You
Tomjai Enterprise Corp